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Hohlen, John
Jun 20 9:04 PM CDT
Post #255
Thanks Calvin! I know you'll be back next year with a vengeance.
Kutz, Aric
Jun 20 4:11 PM CDT
Post #254
Thanks Micah!
Timmer, Micah
Jun 20 12:39 PM CDT
Post #253
Congrats Aric for the win, well done. Maybe 2 more tournaments and I could have caught you, LOL, cheers.
Kutz, Aric
Jun 20 6:04 AM CDT
Post #252
Thanks Calvin
Kwok, Calvin
Jun 19 11:16 PM CDT
Post #251
Congrats to Aric for winning this league. Thanks for running the league, John. A poor season for me, hope I will do better next year lol
Kutz, Aric
Jun 19 6:51 AM CDT
Post #250
Good thing I had a mulligan left since Birdie Maker picked Lowry and Grace as his starters!!! I was able to use both of them as my subs which saved me!!!
Kutz, Aric
Jun 16 6:12 AM CDT
Post #249
In 2009 someone picked 14 winners but finished 16th overall!! That's crazy. Guess I'm going to try to tie him!! I think I will hold the all time earnings record though
Hohlen, John
Jun 15 10:17 PM CDT
Post #248
Aric - you are on fire in this league. You can pretty quadruple bogey this last tournament and still walk away with bragging rights. Very rare to see 13 winners picked out of 23 weeks (start + sub). Not sure if it's ever been done before. You can click on the Stats tab and select each year. Sort by clicking on the "Total" column under "Winners Picked". I'd check L1 as well.
Hohlen, John
Jun 15 10:16 PM CDT
Post #247
Thanks for playing again this year, Shaun. It's always great to have you on-board. I appreciate all your support over the years along with the other FISO participants.
Kutz, Aric
Jun 15 9:26 PM CDT
Post #246
Thanks Shaun! I've been playing for years in this fantasy game. It's by far the best in my opinion. Makes you think a lot! Can't wait for the US Open! It's gonna be brutal scoring!!
Cooper, Shaun
Jun 15 4:32 PM CDT
Post #245
Thanks for the competition John, I'll get the hang of it one day! And well played Aric - 13 winners is awesome!!!
Hohlen, John
Jun 12 9:07 PM CDT
Post #244
Yea, that's amazing Aric. I'm not sure what the record is for the 24-week Pick 3 Classic leagues. You can look at prior years standings and see if that's a record. I remember when I started this back in 2008. I remember thinking $36M was a lot which is what it usually what it took to win the league back then.
Kutz, Aric
Jun 12 8:45 PM CDT
Post #243
Goin for 44,000,000 in earnings John!!! Don't know if that's been done before? Picked 13 winners and still got 2 mulligans left. Total dominance....but it's not over yet!!!
Kutz, Aric
Apr 24 6:48 PM CDT
Post #242
Have to admit with 8 weeks left I like where I stand with 4 mulligans left!!
Dunson, Randy
Apr 10 7:20 PM CDT
Post #241
Congrats to Savagedawgs & Captain Underpants to have the foresight (or luck :-)) to pick Willett. Well played.